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Stillness in Flight

Updated: Nov 12, 2019

As I was sitting outside drinking my morning coffee, a hummingbird zoomed above me, bouncing from flower to colorful object to flower. As I watched I thought, "Wow, how busy". She made haste, and I imagined her tiny discoveries taking place so quickly. She must move on from her discoveries just as quickly as she's made them. She didn't stop to ponder that a brightly colored wind chime with shapes like petals was not in fact a source of sustenance for her body. She just paused briefly enough for decipherment, and zoomed onward. I thought then about how much we think. How often do we get caught up in our thoughts? I was just then. As I continued to observe this tiny, fast, little bird, I couldn't help but to notice how peacful and harmonious she seemed. There was such simplicity in her errands. Such quickness. Such vigor and yet such ease. She was not easily distracted, but vigilant nonetheless. An observer, but not a lingerer. As I watched, quite unexpectedly, she just stopped. There on a string of garden lights zig-zagging from the trees, she sat. It was so brief, I wondered after if it had happened at all. She paused. She sat. Yoga teaches the same lessons I saw in this hummingbird's movements. It teaches non-attachment, awareness, observance, the practice of letting go, and maybe most importantly it teaches us to sit.

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