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Slow It Down

This is the time of year when everything seems to move a little slower, myself included. In a few months, we will see signs of life everywhere. Things once brown will shed their dull hues and surprise us with vibrant greens. It happens so quickly. Suddenly, we wake up to a world of color. There is so much preparation though that we may not see or acknowledge. There is a slowing, a conservation of energy in preparation for what is to come. The Earth knows. We know. Our energy, when tuned, moves like the Earth's. Our heartbeat drums along with the wind, the sea, and the sky, and we feel connected. So, as Earth's plants and animals prepare to emerge, so do we. We quiet. We still. We wait for the time to move from our shelter, our safety, and our comfort into vulnerability, into life, into being. We take that leap, and there we are. It is coming. Be patient and listen when your intuition, when the Earth says, “it’s time”.

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