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Be You. Do Yoga.
Bandaloop Yoga

Experience the bliss of Bandaloop Yoga! Founded in 2019, our yoga studio provides yoga classes and workshops in Montgomery, AL to help you reclaim your peace, reconnect with your true self, move to heal and move to feel. Join us for an unforgettable journey as you get to know the benefits of yoga with Bandaloop Yoga!


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Our Vinyasa Flow Class is designed for all levels of practitioners, making it the perfect place to start your yoga journey or deepen your practice. Our experienced instructors blend challenge and surrender in a creative and dynamic vinyasa flow class that will leave you feeling strong, balanced and energized.


Hot Vinyasa 2

Our Hot Vinyasa 2 class is perfect for those looking for an advanced level yoga practice. Our heated classes offer another dynamic to the practice designed to help you deepen your resilience, breath and connection with your body. Enjoy challenging postures and an invigorating flow that will leave you feeling strong and centered.

Child's Pose


This gentler yoga class is your invitation to slow down, reconnect, and recenter. Each session begins with guided breathwork bringing you into the parasympathetic nervous system so you may move calmly and mindfully through poses sequenced to relax both body and mind. Often offered in the middle of the day, Center offers an opportunity to reset your day. Beginners and all levels and ages of practitioners are welcome.



Through high repetitions of small isometric movements, Barrelates creates long, lean muscles. Barrelates is a hybrid workout class - combining ballet-inspired moves with elements of Pilates and yoga. Classes incorporate a ballet barre and use classic dance moves such as plies, alongside static stretches.

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Each session begins with a series of movements sequenced to build heat in the body then slows down to incorporate yin-style poses that will nurture your body. With a mix of active and passive postures, this class restores you to equilibrium. All Levels, necessary for beginners and advanced yogis alike. 



Boost your mood and your metabolism in this sweat inducing class that incorporates weights and resistance bands to make the most of our fort-five minutes. With a yoga finisher to wrap up each session, you'll leave feeling accomplished, sweaty, and stretched! 

Yoga Instructor


Our beginner yoga classes are designed for those new to yoga, or those wishing to review the basics. We offer a safe and supportive environment to learn the fundamentals of yoga, including breath work, posture alignment, and relaxation techniques. With plenty of modifications and progressions offered, our instructors will help you develop strength, balance, and flexibility with each practice.



Prenatal Yoga classes offer a safe and supportive environment for expectant mothers to connect with their own bodies and with each other while learning relaxation techniques and postures to help them through the challenges of pregnancy, labor, and motherhood. It teaches strength and stamina, as well as concentration and breath control, invaluable tools during labor and birth. 

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Power classes at Bandaloop Yoga Studio are one of the more challenging classes we offer. These classes combine the physical intensity of a workout with the mental focus of a moving meditation, pushing both your mental and physical strength to the limit. Come challenge yourself and experience the power of yoga. 

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